One Piece Chapter 814 Spoilers Released

A spoiler page for chapter 814 has been released. (BEWARE) Click at your own risk


Based on this image, It looks like the next chapter will still continue the flashback. I wonder if any other interesting revelations will be revealed in this flashback. Maybe Brook will unveil some information about the Vinsmoke family? If you remember in chapter 813, Brook knew about the Vinsmoke family.

More spoilers should be released later tonight, so I’ll be sure to add those as well

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  1. I hope Brook explains everything he knows about the Vinsmokes in this chapter and not leave us hanging in a cliffhanger!

    Awesome website btw!

  2. This is gonna be sick

  3. I saw the whole manga already, anyone can go read it by mangafox website.

    • It’s on as well! Crazy chapter…so Sanji isn’t a tenryuubito after all…

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