Don Krieg’s Return – One Piece Theory


It was chapter 45 when we first got introduced to Don Krieg. That foul-mouthed man seems to have been lost in the past. Krieg was last seen when he left the Baratie after being knocked unconscious. Will he ever return?

Flashback to these manga panels:



“Let’s Meet Again, out on the Grand Line” -Gin.

These words could foreshadow the eventual return of Gin and Don Krieg. Now, the next question is…where exactly are Don kreig and Gin? Well…I have a feeling that they joined a certain yonkou

Law once said, “There are only two ways to survive in the new world..!! Go under the umbrella of one of the 4 emperors…or continually challenge them.”


I doubt that Don Krieg is challenging a yonkou, so he has most likely gone under the umbrella of a yonkou.

Out of the 4 yonkou, we can most likely eliminate Shanks as the yonkou that he’s gone under, for obvious reasons.

Kaido, Big Mom, or Blackbeard? Which yonkou has Krieg gone under?

I say Big Mom.


Yep, I think Kreig has joined Big Mom’s crew. What better time for Gin and Don Krieg to return than in the year of Sanji? After all, they first appeared in the debut arc of Sanji.

Gin foreshadowed that he would meet the strawhats again, but this was during a conversation with Sanji, rather than the whole strawhat crew. Sanji and Gin also seemed to develop a friendship. Gin also owes Sanji a meal for feeding him, so maybe Gin will be the one feeding Sanji if he somehow gets held prisoner by Big Mom? That would be ironic and an interesting turn of events.

Gin could say, “You fed me while I was starving, but now I am the one feeding you. Isn’t that funny, Sanji?”


We also have a current mafia theme going on with Capone and the Vinsmoke family. But wait a second, have you noticed something about Don Krieg’s name? Kreig has “Don” in his name.

The head of a large branch of a Mafia family is an example of a don. We already have one mafia-themed pirate in Big mom’s crew and that is Capone, so why not Don Krieg as well?


And finally, I expect Gin and Sanji to have a rematch. If you remember, Sanji lost in the fight with Gin during the Baratie arc. Like I said earlier, Gin will help Sanji in the Big Mom arc…. but that doesn’t mean he will be eternally grateful to Sanji.

Some type of situation will lead to a battle between Sanji and Gin. Maybe Sanji will eventually get rescued by the strawhats, which will lead to various battles with the Big Mom pirates. One of these battles could be Sanji vs Gin

I expect Gin to be a lot stronger and on a similar level of strength to Sanji. If you remember back in the Baratie arc, Gin and Sanji were evenly matched. I expect Gin to have grown even stronger than Don Krieg

I also expect Don Krieg to have upgraded his weapons and armor. Franky would be a fitting opponent for Don Krieg during the battle with Big Mom’s crew.


If one thing is true about One Piece, it’s the fact that Oda never forgets about minor characters. Whether he puts them in a cover page or even brings them back into the current story, Oda always remembers. Bellamy, a character who we all thought was just a plot-device to develop luffy’s character, is now a more important character than he was in the past. Oda even gave Bellamy a bit of character development.

Krieg’s personality may have changed a bit as well. Being beaten by luffy may have humbled him, just like Bellamy. Of course I expect him to still be an antagonist of the strawhat crew during the Big Mom arc, but he’ll be a little more careful this time around. Krieg won’t be brash enough to challenge luffy head-on again, that’s for certain.

Let’s just hope that Krieg doesn’t get knocked out again. But if it’s anything like the Bellamy situation, then history is doomed to repeat itself.








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  1. Buttface_McBrainlag

    hey there!
    I like the idea of Krieg and Gin to return. Also the likelyhood of Gin returning the favour to Sanji is very high.
    Although I like to add a little detail to your theory: Krieg had this poison-gas-weapon-thingy… that would perfectly fit to Caesar’s role in the (past and) upcoming arc. There could be some connection to the research he made for Big Mom and Krieg’s gas-grenade.
    Maybe you want to extend and support your theory with this idea.

    • Amazing idea! Kreig would be a perfect fit to handle one of Caesar’s weapons. If you think about it, maybe Big Mom also has weapons made by Caesar. Therefore, she could have assigned a weapon to Don Krieg

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  2. Excellent as usual even though I don’t like Krieg that much it would be interesting to see him and Gin.

    Also what are your thoughts of the vinsmoke family

  3. Excellent as all ways alpha I know this is random but who are your top 5 favorite female characters in One Piece

  4. Hello,

    How about finding Big Mom to rescue Sanji? In my opinion, as I remember, Lola gave Nami a vivre card of a woman known as a great pirate. Feels like that vivre card is Big Mom’s and they will find Sanji with it. Also, It is possible that Lola is the one who is arranged to marry with Sanji.

    Maybe you should consider this? :)


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  5. I like it! I always wondered what Oda would do with Gin. I mean, it’s not uncommon for One Piece characters to say. “We’ll meet again!” But we usually see them in cover pages at least. I think this’d be a cool time to see those guys return. But hey, maybe Krieg got demoted and is one of Capone’s underlings?

  6. I’ve been waiting for the return of “The Don Krieg” for soooo long, and the Sanji vs Gin rematch. I hope he comes more gruesome and strategic than before.

  7. Nice! I hope to see Captain Black returning again to as Don Krieg! :)

  8. I just wanted to let you know your awsome.

  9. I think gin seperated from kreig. I also think gin is luffy’s level now.

  10. I think there is a good chance that Don Krieg is now a lieutenant of Capone. It doesn’t seem possible that Don Krieg would have been able to reach the New World before the time skip. So Capone would have been there already under Big Mom. So it would make sense for Don Krieg to be “below” Capone.

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